Fenton Rugby Online: Adidas Rugby Boots

Fenton Rugby Online offer a comprehensive range of Adidas boots.

Adidas Predator

The famous Predator range is designed for the "striker" and will suit your style of play if you need to kick the ball out of hand or off a tee. Designed to help the kicker achieve distance and accuracy by creating spin on the ball and enhance the flight of the rugby ball.

Adidas offer a number of variants of the Predator design such as the Flare and the Malice.

Adidas Kakari

Designed for the Forward, the Adidas Kakari is recognised by many as the de facto boot.

Adidas has developed a number of variants for specialists variations such as the Kakari Elite, the Kakari Focus, the Kakari Light and the Kakari X Kevlar

Adidas Malice

A lightweight boot designed for back line players who require speed and agility. The Adidas Malice comes with a number of specialist variants such the Predator Malice which combine Adidas's kicking solution with their shoe designed for running players.